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Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission
Abstract Submission
The last date for sending abstracts is 10th March 2020.
POSAC2020 - Best Paper Award
  • Selection of papers for presentation in the Best Paper session
    • From among the highest ranked papers the first 10 papers fulfilling ALL of the following criteria will be selected for the Best Paper Session.
    • Abstract selection will be based on the novelty of the idea, scientific quality, statistical strength and results.
  • Abstract should contain the following details:-
    • Title
    • Name of corresponding Author
    • Key Words
    • Abstract should not be more than 600 words. (not including the spaces)
    • The study should be largely his / her work.
    • The work should have been done in India.
    • Mail ID&Contact Info
    • Institution
  • Abstract Guidelines:-
    • All abstract must be submitted online via the conference website.
    • Please use DOC, DOCX formats only.
    • One person with one mail id cannot submit more than 3 abstract.
    • Scientific Committee will make the final decision on the type of presentation(poster or oral presentation )
    • No changes will be allowed once the abstract has been submitted.
  • The last date for sending abstracts is 10th March 2020
  • Abstract Submission Process
    • The Abstract must be uploaded / typed onto the Online Abstract Submission form.
    • All the fields in the form are mandatory.
    • Abstracts should not include any tables or graphs.
    • All content of the abstract is the sole responsibility of the author(s) of the abstract.
    • The receipt of your abstract submission will be confirmed by an automated email
    • The Scientific Committee will review your abstract and confirm acceptance/rejection by e-mail by 10th March 2020 .
    • If selected for oral presentation, details regarding the session of presentation, time and number of slides will be notified through the email of acceptance. For any further details please feel free to email at correspondence email id and subject should be : ABSTRACT
  • NOTE:
    • Only registered delegates are entitled to present the selected posters/papers.
    • Abstracts will be reviewed and rated by scientific committee prior to final decision on acceptance.
    • Authors will be notified of acceptance/rejection by e-mail by 10th March 2020 . Once you click "Submit", you will not be able to edit the uploaded abstract provided.
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